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August 15, 2003


I light candles the way my grandmother does. I think she prays in Hungarian, her mother tongue. She lights three candles in three modest candlesticks, holds her palms open near to the flame gently massaging the warm air for a few seconds and covers her eyes for a few minutes. She emerges in tears. Similarly, I hold my hands over the flames, the warmth feels good on my face. I don’t feel I am praying as much as I am sending vibes. I hope for health and happiness for my family and friends. I take a minute to reflect on the week that past and another for the one ahead. I try not to waste those precious few moments I dedicate to reflection each week. I prefer to not take the time than to do so with haste. I try not to forget, because for some reason it just doesn’t feel the same if my grandmother and I are not doing it on the same day. I don’t yet cry, I’m just starting out.

Posted by talia at August 15, 2003 10:58 AM