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October 21, 2003

On the Farm


Alec and I recently went to Finland. Perhaps a slightly odd holiday choice but there we encountered a stillness and silence I have yet to find in the Netherlands. For three wonderful nights we stayed on a Lahdelma Farm. The farm has twenty head of cattle (grown organically for beef) and whole lot of forest. The cattle graze all day long and through the sunset likely unaware that on one evening the moonset followed so closely behind the sun, it too glowed orange-pink.

Who knew digging for potatoes with my bare hands could be so delightful and bring me so much joy?

About this photo: We spent a lot of time picking all sorts of mushrooms, so many varieties blanketing the forest floor. The hat I am wearing was made by my dear friend Jay.

Posted by talia at October 21, 2003 11:04 AM


I love the farm pictures. All that green.
The Olympic penninsula has great green forests but they are somehow a little different than your pictures of the Finland Forests. I think mushroom hunting
with small Finnish gnomes is a fine Idea.

My friend Piet Hein Schmidt Van Gelder lived in my coop in grad school. He was quite an unusual fellow. He was 35 years old and an engineer at Ford working on the Viper. But he lived in this coop paying 400/month for room and board with an assortment of freaks that can only be found in coops (ask Alec for more details). At anyrate he always bumbled into strange situations and lots of random things always happened to him.

We went to see John Cage at the Michigan theatre in Ann Arbor, and Piet wanted to go meet him afterward. We didn't want to wait in line so we waited at the coffee shop for him to get out...well we never saw him, but it turns out after getting Cage's autograph or whatever they left the theatre and went Mushroom hunting in the Arboredum all night.


Posted by: dan at January 18, 2005 9:54 AM