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August 19, 2004


Recently, by way of congratulating me for some monumental news, a man I’ve known for many years told me I was courageous. Perhaps, in fact he wasn’t congratulating me on the news but on that I acted with courage and was handsomely rewarded. He too, he said, once shifted gears entirely to be with the person he loved, the person he later went on to marry. And as though that wasn’t reward enough, he was able to return to the track he was on, only this time richer; a richness we can only achieve by taking risks.

While I don’t mean to underestimate my “courageous” move to Amsterdam to be with the man I love, I don’t quite think of it that way. I take how easy it was and how right it felt (and so many other things) for granted. There wasn't any fear. I know now, and perhaps I sensed then, any losses I encounter fade in the brightness of the riches I have.

Today I did something I wanted to do but feared to do for a while: I enrolled in a writing class.

Posted by talia at August 19, 2004 5:39 PM