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September 28, 2004


He had enough it seems so he packed a few things (maybe not, i'm guessing) and left without saying goodbye. I know things weren’t going well with his job, and he didn’t have money for the rent, and his landlord wanted him out but for other reasons. And things were good with his girlfriend anymore. What was that relationship about anyway? Oh, and the girl who overdosed and died on Queen’s day.

The last I heard from him he asked if perhaps I would review a resume he was writing. Or wanted to write.

He didn’t say goodbye to anyone and now he lives in the forest. Considering there isn’t really forest around it sounds strange. I guess that means he’s in some forest far far away and he needed to get there without anymore hurdles to cross. And he didn’t say goodbye because he had enough.

I wonder what happened to his cat.

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September 26, 2004

Mundane Adventure

Ride up along the north bank of the Amstel toward Ouderkerk aan Amstel. You'll pass villas you are dying to live in, a cemetery, the beautiful Amstelpark. Inside the park, head to the Dahliarama
garden (at first I thought it was called the Dahlia Lama garden which is a much more clever name). Even this late in the season dahlia's are blooming.

Keep riding along the water. In Ouderkerk, you can stop for herring and see the Portuguese-Jewish cemetery. Then hop on the ferry that takes you across the river. From here, if the weather is nice, continue through town to the Ouderkerk plaas. This is a lovely and large pond great for swimming. The ferry in really a platform that is hand pulled along cables across the river. Ride the south bank back toward Amsterdam. If your timing is just right, and mine has never been, stop to buy fresh milk from one of the farms. Take of tour of the Tuinpark Amstelglorie (a collection of close to 200 small gardens plots). Maybe someone will invite you for tea.

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September 17, 2004





Pickles, spices and silver dollar pita for sale at the main market in Akko.

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September 3, 2004

Yaron's Birthday


Things that describe you:

Creator of my best dance move

You are my brother, lucky me!

Happy birthday Yaron!

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