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October 8, 2004

Release Me


Alec and I are searching for a dog. We agree that while on Virgin Gorda we met quite possibly the world's greatest pair: Humpie and Blanca. (We aren't really sure that her name was actually Blanca). Never barking, not even once, these dogs lit up any room they showed up in. One evening Humpie followed us home. Later that night he mysteriously appeared on our deck. How did he do it?

We decided to take a nap on the balcony and he cuddled up with us. Not too furry, and despite his small stature, you could still pet him in long strokes. That's when we decided the Humpie was the not only the type of dog for us, but the dog for us. A small dog with big dog personality. One with a sweet face, an easy spirit, and a joy to every person he came in contact with. Alec wanted to take him home with us on the plane. I agreed, but later recalled what it said on his tag:

"I Wander"
Love Me
Feed Me
Release Me!

Clearly Humpie's trainer knew not only a lot about dogs but also about people.

Posted by talia at October 8, 2004 11:22 AM