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October 6, 2004

Virgin Gorda


We arrived from Northern California, Italy, New York, Boston, New Orleans and, of course, Amsterdam. Our journeys were arduous involving overnight flights, puddle jumper planes, ferries, trains, and walking. Bags were searched, passports (those which were not left behind) were stamped, luggage was lost and in some cases even stolen. All arrived exhausted and ready for reward.

Boy, we were rewarded!

We were greeted by the sun setting into the Caribbean Sea. Clearer waters I have never seen before. We were received in to the warm outstretched arms of Viola and Grant.

Every day we donned our snorkels, masks and fins expanding our horizons to include the wondrous underwater world. Every afternoon we greeted more friends in the water as the sun was setting. Every evening we ate and drank and celebrated joyously and at times raucously in anticipation of the Big Event.

I overcame fears and dived deep in the waters to get a closer look and the corals below. I built confidence and trust in myself by taking two beginner SCUBA divers into the depths with me. I struggled against currents and lost without regret. I did not belly flop. My cannonballs created big splashes.

The Big Event had me feeling jittery and excited all morning. As we gathered on the beach in the afternoon, family and friends decked out to the nines, I was downright nervous and giddy. We started to chant and when we saw Grant and Viola walking toward us we gathered closer, no one wanted to miss even a single breath.

Lead by the amazing Larry, Viola and Grant shared their intentions with each other and us fortunate witnesses. They spoke of trust, learning, togetherness, sharing, love and devotion to one another and to their community. How lucky I feel to have taken part in this ceremony with them. How lucky I feel to have felt their warmth, to have been inspired by them, to be loved by them.

Thank you so very much Viola and Grant. You make the unbelievable feel so natural.

Posted by talia at October 6, 2004 11:23 AM