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January 27, 2005


I am, or I was a list maker. I noticed I stopped listing a few months ago though I'm not sure why. I think perhaps because my 2004 Agenda was uninspiring, it wasn't something I wanted to flip back though, so list that were made never were checked off, crossed out, or updated. The 2005 Agenda is fabulous. It has the dates printed on the pages and everything (novel idea, I know!). So, I'm back to making lists. This first list I made was a list of protocols for list, it wasn't intentional (which is against protocol) it just happened that way:

List important things
Make sense
Look for the point
List words, ideas, dreams, thoughts, places
Define the central problem or idea
Look for the point
Be positive
Act with intention
The more words the better
Sum up thoughts
Fit things together
Do analysis
Come up with possibilities
Think how to continue
Think and read things over
Do not miss the point
Cause positive reactions

Posted by talia at January 27, 2005 1:40 PM