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April 19, 2005

Step Aside George Clooney


I wasn't expecting much, except to fulfill our task of doing one thing from the Uitkrant (the monthly "going out" guide). I had heard of Rufus Wainwright before, and even knew and liked two songs of his. But as with most music, this was accidental, something shuffling through on the iPod.

We are lucky enough to get seats above the piano and when the lights dim you can hear him shuffle to the black leather bench and he starts digging hauntingly into a tune a la Dead Can Dance. Within a minute I am hooked.

RW's voice is glorious and easily fills the Paradiso. His silences are weighty, even though they are interrupted by the clanging of change from the cash register at the other end of the hall. His piano and guitar playing is not as skilled as his voice, but it's fun and is a nice contrast to his voice. It's hard to catch all the words, I'll perhaps look some up.

And he wears a lovely black velvet suit with tiny purple dots with jewels on the lapel. I hadn't been to a concert I enjoyed this much in perhaps even years.

Thanks Rufus. And thank you Alec for introducing me to still more good music.

Posted by talia at April 19, 2005 2:58 PM