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May 26, 2005

When is it ok to stop

egg sandwich.jpg

I know what I said just the other day about feeling surprisingly good about not having a roof over my head, but now things have changed. The prospect of the continued search I think did it. The idea of shoving laundry in my backpack one load at a time and cycling to the Laundromat did it.

At some point isn't it ok to just stop deliberating and pick a card from the deck? Or is that giving up? Renting a house is not a decision of a lifetime. Should it really take this long?

I look forward to the day I purge the Housing folder from my favorites file. I look forward to the day when my housing situation is no longer a topic of converstation, because it stopped being interesting so very long ago.

Posted by talia at May 26, 2005 9:46 AM