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August 18, 2005


The grass I noticed today is far too tall. Too tall to mow properly. Greenpeace is on my back for taking down the rain forest. Won't they ever rest?

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August 11, 2005


We went yesterday to see one of the worst movies made to date, The Fantastic Four. Normally, I would link the name of the movie to some cool promo or such, but I want to discourage people from going. The movie did bring up one interesting question: If given the choice who would you most want to be:
1. The Thing (a massive heavy as lead man able to stop an 18 wheeler but unable to hold a fork
2. Fireman who can heat himself up to 4000k, or the heat of the sun, 3. Invisible girl, who actually loses her ability to stay invisible once her clothes are off or even slightly startled. Blush. Tee hee.
4. Rubber man, who is bendy to the point of being gross and will behave as rubber does, kind of melty, in the tropical climates I prefer.

What? None of those appeal? Well, me neither.

Alec wants to be Atomic Wedgey Man. I like how the letter fit together, A W M, could make for a snappy symbol across the chest.

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August 10, 2005

Pink Elephants

So I'm sitting with a friend. I like her quite a bit, though I don’t know her all that well. But let’s face it, there is nothing I should be uncomfortable about. I respect and trust her.

She's been on my mind for the several days before we sit together and I've got some questions, some things not exactly troubling me but that I'm wondering about. Yet, we sit, we shoot the shit. I pretend that all we need to discuss is the dress I am fitting for her. I think she pretends the same.

Frankly, I've let myself down. I could have been the strong person I'm trying to becoming and yet, I took the path more oft traveled. And now I'm kicking myself for having to make a special appointment to discuss what it is I would like to discuss. How irritating.

Terror got the better of me this time.

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August 1, 2005

The List

A few months ago I was lamenting about how little I feel I accomplished in the past year. It's ridiculous I know since actually I did quite a lot, especially in the "personal growth" areas of my life. What fell off the map was the "doing the things that make me happy" area of my life. So I’ve decided to create a list of what those things are, with a goal of making 100 of them, and get started. So here, is the not yet completed list since I may as well get started right away.

The Mission: Complete 100 tasks of all shapes and sizes in a period of 1000 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching. Tasks can be one time achievements or on going habit forming activities.

The List:

1. Spend at least a month in New York City.
2. Climb Mount Fuji.
3. Go back to Nepal
4. Write one letter a month to a friend and work my way up to one letter a week.
5. Go shopping in Paris for a week.
6. Take a course on different cuts of meat.
7. Bake a cherry pie.
8. Learn one new Dutch every day.
9. Organize iPod, and fill it with lots of music – Done, including adding audible.com books
10. Read a novel in Dutch.
11. Compile a list of Mundane Journeys in Amsterdam, seek to publish it
12. Learn to sing Midnight Train and perform it.
13. Submit 3 writing samples for Girl at Play Amsterdam edition
14. Print photos and organize photo book.
15. Make a doll.
16. Make cake stand.
17. Find a place for all my things.
18. Buy digital camera of my dreams
19. Find a Dutch conversation tutor for once-weekly meetings.
20. Complete list of 101 tasks.
21. Paint inside of TuinHuisje
22. Paint outside of TuinHuisje
23. Plant a flower patch in TuinHuisje
24. Gain expertise in SPSS
25. Give more gifts.
26. Back up crucial e-mail/files at least once a month.
27. Participate in one Is My Blog Burning, or other food related blog event. Euro Parcel by Post October 2005
28. Participate in one Back-Tack
29. Take a bike ride from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, treat myself to a lovely hotel stay in Rotterdam, cycle back
30. Have a facial once every three months, no that’s not excessive.
31. Create a portfolio of a clothing line.
32. Explore walking trails in the Netherlands, complete three trails a year.
33. Send photos to Savtot and Saba
34. Have afternoon tea at the Amstel Hotel and again at Blakes.
35. Build a portable Japanese Tea House, host one tea ceremony
36. Take singing lessons
37. Attend one opera. – Tickets for Jan 7, 2006 in NYC
38. Attend one ballet.
39. Take ballet lessons at least five four three two one times. If after this time I don’t like it, try another form of dance and take five classes
40. Put together scrapbooks from my letters and other forget-me-nots
41. Go to Yellowstone with dad.
42. Take a tennis lesson.
43. Take a pattern making class.
44. Spend days with nothing but my camera
45. Volunteer a few hours of my time to a cause that's important to me.
46. Hike the Grand Canyon.
47. Try a last minute holiday
48. Read 10 books from the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels list. Re-reading books I read in high school or college doesn’t count. The list can be found here.
49. Re-read some of the books I read in high school and college
50. Practice Yoga at least once weekly, working up to three times daily
51. Have rock hard abs, 60 sits up daily and 30 push ups
52. Keep up to date account of credit card expenses.
53. Pack a picnic lunch to eat in the park.
54. Send a care package to a long-distance friend.
55. Visit all the museums I haven’t yet in Amsterdam
56. Work with A. to set up individual and joint budgets for month-to-month and future expenses.
57. Go bowling.
58. Rent a car, drive to France along the western coast, to see what there is to see.
59. Research and land one consulting job that I don’t already have.
60. Learn to dive into the deep end of a pool or lake without fear.
61. Go see a football game at Amsterdam Arena.
62. Buy a house. Find a relator and see at least 2 houses a week.
63. Get a dog
64. Have a baby
65. have my clothing in five four three two one shops
66. Participate in two collaborative sales, not in a shop.
67. Meet five designers and work together to build a sale/show collaboration
68. Organize recipes from clipping, computer, cards, to one book.
69. Find a place for all fabrics and miscellaneous junk that's currently piled haphazardly on the floor and other surfaces of my studio.
70. Pick a week, and spend at least 30 minutes a day on writing for three days of that week.
71. Merge and systematize our cd collection
72. Back up all computer files once every three months. 12/03/2005
73. Research possibilities of a local Wine and Spirits Competition
74. Make a financial calculator for Alec
75. Find a climbing partner and go climbing together one day a week.
76. Attend one event a month found in the UitKrant
77. Attend one even at the new ConcertGebouwe
78. Stop eating meat for two one week periods in one month
79. Cook more with tofu
80. Spend one whole day and one hour three days a week in my studio
81. Change my hair. 12/20/2005
82. Visit Korea
83. Make bread once a week for a month
84. Weekly meetings with myself to review and plan week and month ahead. The goal being to not neglect this list.

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