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August 11, 2005


We went yesterday to see one of the worst movies made to date, The Fantastic Four. Normally, I would link the name of the movie to some cool promo or such, but I want to discourage people from going. The movie did bring up one interesting question: If given the choice who would you most want to be:
1. The Thing (a massive heavy as lead man able to stop an 18 wheeler but unable to hold a fork
2. Fireman who can heat himself up to 4000k, or the heat of the sun, 3. Invisible girl, who actually loses her ability to stay invisible once her clothes are off or even slightly startled. Blush. Tee hee.
4. Rubber man, who is bendy to the point of being gross and will behave as rubber does, kind of melty, in the tropical climates I prefer.

What? None of those appeal? Well, me neither.

Alec wants to be Atomic Wedgey Man. I like how the letter fit together, A W M, could make for a snappy symbol across the chest.

Posted by talia at August 11, 2005 9:08 AM