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September 21, 2005

Last Days

On a whim I boarded a plane embarking on a journey to the place I love most, San Francisco, to be with people I already love and love more and more with each moment spent together and each thought shared.

Breaking convention, the two women at my brother's bachelor party, were not strippers. There were no lap dances. Such entertainment is completely unneeded when people who know each other so intimately and love one another unconditionally get together. We gathered in a house on a cliff overlooking Tamales Bay to give thanks to Yaron who has dramatically effected each person there over the course of their friendships. What a blessing to be bonded to one another in such a way.

In short, the party was truly epic. I was glad to take part in this opportunity to envelop Yaron with love, to swim in the Pacific, to scamper over rocks, to lose money at poker despite my best efforts, to eat Kobe beef steaks three nights in a row, to dance, talk, and laugh.

If only Erica could have been the fly on the wall she could have heard how much we all value Yaron's friendship, the things he's taught us, his kindness, enthusiasm, and generosity. She missed hearing how happy we are that he has found the most wonderful person to walk through life with.

I cannot wait to continue celebrating with you and you and you.

I hope to have such whims more often. Being around all of you is grounding, filling me with joy and a sense of belonging. Many thanks.

Posted by talia at September 21, 2005 1:27 PM


(Sniff) I'm so (bawl) happy (tissue). Tal - the gravitas of your presence is what took this event to eleven. Thank you so much for your whim and action upon it. You brought your newly acquired elation at being married and gave us a taste of that at this most appropriate moment, the sendoff by my friends into lifetime union. To a person, each participant felt like they recieved multiples of what they gave. The honor takes my breath away. This loving community gives us all power to spread strength, love, and goodness to the world.

Posted by: Yaron at September 23, 2005 1:12 AM