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November 16, 2005

Adventures in Exploration

A friend recently suggested an effective exercise to define goals and the process to achieve them. Simply by moving to different parts of the room, we were able to simulate different situations and thought patterns. It was very exciting to see how a turn of the gaze could have such a big effect.

From where I was originally seated, I was asked to describe how I see my business now. I replied that it’s been a bit stagnant but a recent success has me thinking positively about it, a sense that there is some movement. Then she asked me to get up and to move to a new location, she asked me what I see in front of me and how I can tie it into my business. Since I was on a corded line, I didn’t have many options, but I stood up and moved toward the kitchen. I saw a space I enjoy to be in, there is creativity and organization, there is daily activity, there is something always brewing or simmering. I was then asked (since there were no more new locations I could move to) to describe how the rock star in me would see my business. Building on the momentum from the kitchen, I expressed how I host an open studio, to build a community of designers and to put on shows and sales.

And just like that a destination was built with the roads to get there. Eager to start making tracks, I am busily creating a “kitchen” out of my studio. Admittedly the studio has hit rock bottom. A friend worriedly asked if an animal was living there, another said the room scared him. So, last night I started putting things away. Today I rearranged the furniture. This week I hope to have the whole space neat, clean, and organized so that pots can start simmering there too.

Posted by talia at November 16, 2005 1:16 PM