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November 19, 2005


Preparations for my favorite holiday are in full swing. We are celebrating in Amsterdam this year since we've traveled only very recently to the US and another such trip just doesn't fit into our schedules. The Traditional Holiday Feast will be missed, though we will do our best to recreate it here in our home.

The turkey has been ordered, though I am considering upping the size to 6.5kg. We will be 10 people (and two small babies) around the table and by all measures, I am told that a 6kg will feed us all and give us leftovers. At first I was a bit concerned about such a big bird fitting into my oven, but I know now that it will.

We will be brining.

We will be starting the roasting breast side down.

I am not yet sure if I will go with high heat as has recently been suggested to me, or the tried and true method.

The bird will be stuffed, but I will not cut into the uncooked breast to fill it with herbs as was suggested in the most recent issue of Cook's Illustrated. To me that sounds like the guarantee of a dry bird.

There will be no dry bird.

There will be gravy.

Heck, we even today found large marshmallows.
This entry is the 100th entry of my on-line journal.

Many more to come.

Posted by talia at November 19, 2005 4:14 PM


- The NYT headline for this year's TG dinner was: "The pilgrims did not brine - keep it simple".
- High heat will brown the outside of the bird too fast, before it will cook enough inside.

I wish you success with your first independent TG.
Take pictures and share with me. Love you, mom

Posted by: Mom at November 20, 2005 4:48 AM