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December 30, 2005


It was what filled the sky this afternoon in my ride to the center as the snow began to fall through the park. Quite charming really since often I'm a bit nervous making turns on the ice. Not this time. The falling snow had a calming grace about it.

I've been silent for nearly a month. I haven't said much at all in even longer. I'm searching for words. Something to inspire me.

Strange thing is that quite a lot has happened in these weeks of silence, yet I’m not itching to write. I'm not terribly surprised since, despite my wishes, I’m not a born writer. But I do feel things. But what inspires me? I think that's the question that has been silencing me. I’m not so concerned about what moves me to write, more wondering about what moves me to do, to be, to want.

This photo that Jay took of me in the summer inspired me to write this. For that I'm thankful since I don't really like being silent. The photo reminded me of a very warm and carefree day we shared. I'll look at this photo for the next few days and see what ideas it conjures.


Posted by talia at December 30, 2005 2:09 AM