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January 19, 2006

Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese.JPG

A classic in every way, delicious the next day too.

Cook al dente:
1 pound elbow macaroni
Drain well, set aside

Grate 12 oz. cheese, I used a combination of Gruyere (5) Gouda (5) and Parmesan (2)
Set aside

In a sauce pan make a roux using:
3T butter
3T flour

When slightly turned color, add and bring to a simmer:
1 c broth
1 c milk
1 T paprika
1 t cayenne pepper

Remove from heat and melt cheese into the sauce. Add:
2 - 3 heaping T minced garlic

Combine well with the pasta, place in baking pan and broil until top has browned.

Serve hot with a nice bottle of white wine. MMMM

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January 17, 2006


talia 200.JPG

We celebrated 200 days of marriage.

It's been a wonderful experience. New emotions, new opportunites, doors flung open. Oh a new haricut!

Now if only we could sleep through the night...

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January 9, 2006

...But it's worth it


The family has grown in wonderful ways in 2005. This a happy group - happy to be celebrating a turning point together, happy to be in the cold after a long opera.

It was one of those funny weekends which you plan, get really excited for, buy tickets, and make reservations. None of those things matched in a moment of the greatness of just being together. It's a tough thing for me to just have fun when around my family, I put so much pressure on myself I forget to be nice to the nicest people I know. I wonder if it's because of the newest member of the family that everyone just had fun.

Thanks for turning 60 Ma, it was a wonderful trip.

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January 4, 2006


In the spirit of the new year and new beginnings, I updated my long-neglected list today. I have mixed feelings about where I am on this project. I do feel I have accomplished a good amount of things this year, though several of them, for reasons unknown, never were on the list. Part of me however is disappointed with how little I have done from my list, I would have hoped to have done more.

As such, I am renewing the contract with myself. I will make time on a weekly basis to incorporate my list into my agenda (number 84 on the revised list). In taking stock, I have reviewed and revised and filled out the list (since I haven’t entered 100 items yet). I have gotten started on a few of the items, some are about to get launched, some have been completely forgotten. Good to review.

I am determined to improve my energy this year. I need to flood my mind with positivity, desire and will. To that end, I am doing some coaching exercises, so perhaps we are moving in the right direction.

Successes this year include getting married, increased hours consulting, and having made two contacts for Pampoosh Clothier.

Failures this year include not contacting friends more often and allowing several relationships to slip.

1. Spend at least a month in New York City.
2. Climb Mount Fuji.
3. Go back to Nepal
4. Go shopping in Paris for a week.
5. Explore walking trails in the Netherlands, complete three trails a year.
6. Take a bike ride from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, treat myself to a lovely hotel stay in Rotterdam, cycle back
7. Go to Yellowstone with dad.
8. Visit Korea
9. Hike the Grand Canyon.
10. Try a last minute holiday
11. Rent a car, drive to France along the western coast, to see what there is to see.

1. Write one letter a month to a friend and work my way up to one letter a week.
2. Give more gifts.
3. Send photos to Savtot and Saba
4. Send a care package to a long-distance friend.
5. Write thank notes.
6. get closer with five people (I already who they are)
7. Rekindle relationship with three forgotten ones (I know these too)

Skills to learn
1. Take a course on different cuts of meat.
2. Learn one new Dutch every day.
3. Read a novel in Dutch.
4. Find a Dutch conversation tutor for once-weekly meetings.
5. Make bread once a week for a month

Recreation/hobbies/personal growth
1. Bake a cherry pie.
2. Make a doll.
3. Make cake stand.
4. Participate in one Is My Blog Burning, or other food related blog event. Euro Parcel by Post October 2005
5. Participate in one Back-Tack
6. Have afternoon tea at the Amstel Hotel and again at Blakes.
7. Attend one opera. – Tickets for Jan 7, 2006 in NYC
8. Attend one ballet.
9. Take singing lessons
10. Take ballet lessons at least five four three two one times. If after this time I don’t like it, try another form of dance and take five classes
11. Spend days with nothing but my camera
12. Volunteer a few hours of my time to a cause that's important to me.
13. Read 10 books from the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels list. Re-reading books I read in high school or college doesn’t count. The list can be found here.
14. Re-read some of the books I read in high school and college
15. Pick a week, and spend at least 30 minutes a day on writing for three days of that week.
16. Attend one event a month found in the UitKrant
17. Attend one even at the new Concert Gebouw
18. Pack a picnic lunch to eat in the park.
19. Visit all the museums I haven’t yet in Amsterdam
20. Go bowling.
21. Learn to dive into the deep end of a pool or lake without fear.
22. Go see a football game at Amsterdam Arena.

1. Organize iPod, and fill it with lots of music – Done, including adding audible.com books
2. Print photos and organize photo book.
3. Find a place for all my things.
4. Complete list of 100 tasks.
5. Back up crucial e-mail/files at least once a month.
6. Put together scrapbooks from my letters and other forget-me-nots
7. Weekly meetings with myself to review and plan week and month ahead. The goal being to not neglect this list.
8. Organize recipes from clipping, computer, cards, to one book.
9. Find a place for all fabrics and miscellaneous junk that's currently piled haphazardly on the floor and other surfaces of my studio.
10. Back up all computer files once every three months. 12/03/2005
11. Merge and systematize our cd collection

Dreams and Aspirations
1. Compile a list of Mundane Journeys in Amsterdam, seek to publish it
2. Learn to sing Midnight Train and perform it.
3. Submit 3 writing samples for Girl at Play Amsterdam edition
4. Buy digital camera of my dreams
5. Build a portable Japanese Tea House, host one tea ceremony
6. Research possibilities of a local Wine and Spirits Competition
7. Take a course at Cordon Bleu

Physical Environment
1. Paint inside of TuinHuisje
2. Paint outside of TuinHuisje
3. Plant a flower patch in TuinHuisje
4. Buy a house. Find a relator and see at least 2 houses a week.
5. Get a dog
6. Have a baby

1. Create a portfolio of a clothing line.
2. Take a pattern making class.
3. have my clothing in five four three two one shops
4. Participate in two collaborative sales, not in a shop.
5. Meet five designers and work together to build a sale/show collaboration
6. Spend one whole day and one hour three days a week in my studio
7. Research and land one consulting job that I don’t already have.
8. Gain expertise in SPSS

Health/Physical Appearance
1. Have a facial once every three months, no that’s not excessive.
2. Practice Yoga at least once weekly, working up to three times daily
3. Have rock hard abs, 60 sits up daily and 30 push ups
4. Take a tennis lesson.
5. Change my hair. 12/20/2005
6. Find a climbing partner and go climbing together one day a week.
7. Stop eating meat for two one week periods in one month
8. Cook more with tofu

1. Make a financial calculator for Alec
2. Keep up to date account of credit card expenses.
3. Work with A. to set up individual and joint budgets for month-to-month and future expenses.

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