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February 23, 2006

A is for Tulip

It was a sunny day, there was no one needing me to this or that, so i hopped on my bike and headed to the garden. I cleared all of Square 1 (having divided the garden into 9 squares in my head) of all the debris, and planted nearly 40 tulips (no, it's not too late considering how cold it still is) all the while listening to all the A's on my iPod.

What a lovely life I have.

I bought you ten grapefruits and you bought me this day. Thank you.

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February 14, 2006

A coat of oil

I took a bit of time over the weekend to nurish our long dining table with linseed oil and it looks truly magnificant. A deep reddish brown has replaced the ashy hue the wood had before.

I wonder, where else in my life I could spend an hour primping and get such gratifying results?

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February 8, 2006

A weekend away

Yone with first beer.JPG

The weekend was spent with dear friends on our lovely little island in the North Sea. We rented a great house complete with sauna and a top of the line bath tub. We gorged in the usual way on delicious fried fish and incredibly fresh and meaty herring. We played very many games.

It's quite a funny thing about games. I take it so personally. I learn games quickly and quickly become good, I am at times unlucky. Those moments of unlucky playing cloud my spirit, I become upset, I forget that I'm playing a game and games are about fun. If someone else is doing better, instead of being happy for them, I get upset since I must be doing poorly. Players around me fall into the same trap - perhaps I've set the stage. If I do well, I can't be happy or proud since someone around me is upset. Since among equal players winning proves nothing, why can't playing a game be a win win situation?

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