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February 8, 2006

A weekend away

Yone with first beer.JPG

The weekend was spent with dear friends on our lovely little island in the North Sea. We rented a great house complete with sauna and a top of the line bath tub. We gorged in the usual way on delicious fried fish and incredibly fresh and meaty herring. We played very many games.

It's quite a funny thing about games. I take it so personally. I learn games quickly and quickly become good, I am at times unlucky. Those moments of unlucky playing cloud my spirit, I become upset, I forget that I'm playing a game and games are about fun. If someone else is doing better, instead of being happy for them, I get upset since I must be doing poorly. Players around me fall into the same trap - perhaps I've set the stage. If I do well, I can't be happy or proud since someone around me is upset. Since among equal players winning proves nothing, why can't playing a game be a win win situation?

Posted by talia at February 8, 2006 5:21 PM