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March 27, 2006

An Extraordinary Package

Over the weekend I was fretting a bit since I knew to expect a food package from some mysterious person from a land far (or near, it's Europe after all) away. Fretting since the package was likely to arrive on Friday, I was on a plane heading to Spain, and the package content were conceivably perishable. I participated in a second Euro Blog By Post, which had me a bit frazzled since I had SO LITTLE TIME TO THINK LAST WEEK. But all went well in the end.

Upon returning to Amsterdam I headed directly to the post office where I picked up a package from Greece. It's always a treat to head to the post office when you know that at the end of the errand something delightful awaits you.


Shalimar , my secret food sender prepared an excellent package. It was loaded with various (and thankfully not terribly perishable) goodies each ribboned and unique.


A detailed note with ingredient name and directions on how to use was included:

3 sorts of traditional cookies: A savory white knot, a cinnamony round, and an anise/sesame cookie (my favorite of the three). I have been nibbling away at them over the past two days and now remains only one which I will dip into my coffee. The anise/sesame one was my favorite. Similar to a biscotti in texture, rich in uncommon flavor. If I could get the recipe on this one... DSC00815.JPG

A package of organic orzo, pasta shaped rice. It's like my thoughts are out there in the open ready for anyone to read. I mean the ones I haven't written down yet. Growing up we would eat Near East Rice Pilaf a lot, we loved it. Since moving here, every now and again I get these cravings for foods I cannot find, generally some package and some sentiment. The past few months it had been this rice pilaf, so I got it into my head to try to recreate it. Likely with this Greek orzo I can make and even tastier product.

A jar of capers and a sack full of mountain tea, both which grow wildly everywhere along Greece.

Many long sticks of cinnamon, which Shalimar says are often used in Greek sauces. Frankly, I have never seen them so long and look forward to finding various recipes to use them in.

Two sorts of Nougat. The package reads Nougat Pita, which is a pretty good name for it since it's like a delicious Fluffernut filling sandwiched between two very thin wafers. I haven't had nougat like this in the past, I look forward to eating up the second package, perhaps dessert for tonight.

A bit of candy for Easter. Tootsie Rolls being my senders childhood friends

And, delightfully a bottle opening depicting the traditional Greek dress.


A million thanks for this!

To read about the package I sent, go meet Kel. I was half thinking of hand delivering this package since I was in Barcelona over the weekend. I regret doing so since he blog is so great, but I had not time to think or read or coordinate this at all. Another trip there is forthcoming.

Posted by talia at March 27, 2006 4:43 PM


Wow, that looks impressive and very generous! Her blog is http://www.wanderlustsha.com/

Thanks for taking part!

Posted by: Andrew at March 27, 2006 5:06 PM

glad you got the parcel
enjoy the biscuits
will try to send u more of the aniseed
perhaps when my friend goes to holland this summer ;-)

Posted by: shalimar at March 27, 2006 11:14 PM

I'm sure you already know that the pilaf was always this one: http://www.neareast.com/home.html

Posted by: Yaron at March 29, 2006 2:11 AM