February 8, 2006

A weekend away

Yone with first beer.JPG

The weekend was spent with dear friends on our lovely little island in the North Sea. We rented a great house complete with sauna and a top of the line bath tub. We gorged in the usual way on delicious fried fish and incredibly fresh and meaty herring. We played very many games.

It's quite a funny thing about games. I take it so personally. I learn games quickly and quickly become good, I am at times unlucky. Those moments of unlucky playing cloud my spirit, I become upset, I forget that I'm playing a game and games are about fun. If someone else is doing better, instead of being happy for them, I get upset since I must be doing poorly. Players around me fall into the same trap - perhaps I've set the stage. If I do well, I can't be happy or proud since someone around me is upset. Since among equal players winning proves nothing, why can't playing a game be a win win situation?

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November 15, 2005

More Adventures in Exploration

This has me very excited.

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September 22, 2005

Edible Post

I have been admiring the way bloggers have been collaborating lately and have finally gotten around to doing the same. I am participating in the second edition of Edible Blog by Post organized by SpittoonExtra.

This notion combines all good things: it's mysterious, it introduces fellow bloggers to one another, shares food from other countries.

In the coming days I will complete my gift package and send it along. When I receive mine, I will post about it (that's part of the deal).

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September 5, 2005

Photo Friday: Order

Trees in Houffalize.jpg

Finally able to download photos from my phone, surprisingly good results. Just in time for this week's Photo Friday subject: Order, or what counts for wilderness these days.

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September 26, 2004

Mundane Adventure

Ride up along the north bank of the Amstel toward Ouderkerk aan Amstel. You'll pass villas you are dying to live in, a cemetery, the beautiful Amstelpark. Inside the park, head to the Dahliarama
garden (at first I thought it was called the Dahlia Lama garden which is a much more clever name). Even this late in the season dahlia's are blooming.

Keep riding along the water. In Ouderkerk, you can stop for herring and see the Portuguese-Jewish cemetery. Then hop on the ferry that takes you across the river. From here, if the weather is nice, continue through town to the Ouderkerk plaas. This is a lovely and large pond great for swimming. The ferry in really a platform that is hand pulled along cables across the river. Ride the south bank back toward Amsterdam. If your timing is just right, and mine has never been, stop to buy fresh milk from one of the farms. Take of tour of the Tuinpark Amstelglorie (a collection of close to 200 small gardens plots). Maybe someone will invite you for tea.

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August 12, 2004

100 Words, a true story

That’s when the unthinkable happened.

While going under a bridge along the Herengracht, I bumped my head. Apparently even I’m tall enough. I nearly fell in the water but my vast experience as a bendable action figure combined with my cat-like reflexes saved me from the really too filthy water below. My shoe filled with water. Unfortunately, in my hero’s gallant efforts to save me, he plunged in the water, grapefruit juice, telephone, and all.

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